[Freewx-maint] Bug#738849: Please enable webview support for wx3.0

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Sat May 24 12:56:04 UTC 2014

I've just discovered an annoying consequence of this change.

If you now install libwxgtk3.0-dev and ask for libraries to link with,
you get:

$ wx-config --libs
-L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -pthread   -lwx_gtk2u_xrc-3.0 -lwx_gtk2u_webview-3.0 -lwx_gtk2u_html-3.0 -lwx_gtk2u_qa-3.0 -lwx_gtk2u_adv-3.0 -lwx_gtk2u_core-3.0 -lwx_baseu_xml-3.0 -lwx_baseu_net-3.0 -lwx_baseu-3.0 

Note that this includes "-lwx_gtk2u_webview-3.0", but that's not
installed, so linking fails.  The same thing happens if you ask for an
explicit list of libraries and include "std" in that list.

This is pretty serious as it's likely to cause packages to FTBFS.

Some options I can see for fixing this and their downsides:

 * Make libwxgtk3.0-dev depend on libwxgtk-webview3.0-dev - this would
   pull in libwxgtk-webview3.0-0 and hence webkit for such builds; it
   may also sometimes end up with webkit getting unnecessarily included
   as a runtime dependency, for packages which don't link with

 * Alter the meaning of "std" in wx-config - makes it behave differently
   on Debian to elsewhere.

 * Update all packages to explicitly request the wx component libraries
   they actually need - significant fiddly work, but perhaps the way

Any better ideas?


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