[Freewx-maint] Maintainership of wxpython3.0

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Thu Apr 21 00:54:23 UTC 2016

Currently wxpython3.0 is nominally maintained by the freewx team.

There are 6 members of the freewx team on alioth, but only Gianfranco
Costamagna and myself have been active at all recently, and pretty much
all the work on wxpython3.0 has fallen to me.  I have no direct interest
in wxpython, I don't regularly code in python, and I have a lot of other
commitments.  So I really lack all of the time, motivation and skills to
do a good job.

If upstream were responsive this might not be a problem, but they seem
focussed on "wxpython phoenix" (which AFAICT still isn't ready for
primetime), and bug reports against the stable wxpython often get no
useful response, e.g.:


With wx 2.8, the wxpython and the C++ wxwidgets library were built out
of a single wxwidgets2.8 source package (which was actually the wxpython
upstream source tarball, which contained an embedded copy of wxwidgets).
With 3.0, we now have separate source packages, so there's no longer a
need for the same person or team to maintain both.

Really wxpython3.0 deserves a better Debian maintainer - either within
the freewx team, or by having it adopted by another person or team.
I'm asking on the freewx-maint and debian-python lists first, but if
there are no takers I'll file an RFA.

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