[Freewx-maint] Bug#880032: Bug#880032: wxpython3.0: Please provide a python3 package for wxpython3.0

Scott Talbert swt at techie.net
Mon Oct 30 01:08:28 UTC 2017

On Sat, 28 Oct 2017, Cedric Boudinet wrote:

> Package: wxpython3.0
> Severity: wishlist
> Dear Maintainer,
> Is it possible to provide a package for python3?
> I managed to install it with pip (it was python4b2 in fact) but it takes a lot
> of time and as a lot of dependencies.

wxPython 4 is wxPython Phoenix which is a complete rewrite of the code 
that uses SIP instead of SWIG.  It is also not API compatible with 
wxPython 3.0, so it would probably need to be packaged separately and only 
packages that have been ported to the new API would be moved over to use 
it.  However, I would think that Debian would want to wait until an 
official non-beta release has been made.  Phoenix is still in beta.


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