[Freewx-maint] Bug#895083: Bug#895083: python-wxgtk4.0: module wx is not usable

Scott Talbert swt at techie.net
Sun Apr 8 00:58:00 UTC 2018

On Sun, 8 Apr 2018, Norbert Lange wrote:

>> Maybe it's also worth including a trival wrapper script to set
>> PYTHONPATH suitably and then exec python.
>>> Is there a good reason why you are making it harder than necessary to
>>> use python-wxgtk4.0 ?
>> Because wxPython 3.0 already exists for Python 2 as module "wx".  But
>> wxPython 3.0 doesn't support Python 3 and never will, so there's no
>> other claimant for module "wx" for Python 3.
>> wxPython 4.0 is pretty much a from-the-ground-up rebuild and isn't
>> completely compatible with wxPython 3.0, so switching "import wx" to use
>> that for Python 2 would not work out well.
> its not entirely incompatible either, as right now I only get deprecation
> warnings on code that was written for wxPython 3.0.

The code you're running must not use any of the changed APIs.  See here 
for some of the changes:

>>> Python 2 is fully supported by Debian during the lifetime of buster,
>>> and there are various reasons why many users are stuck with Python 2
>>> for some more time.
>> There are, but people sticking with Python 2 are really unlikely to want
>> to use wxPython 4.0.
> Sticking to Python2 is not the reason, no. The argument would be to
> use wxPython 4.0,
> and have it painlessly run on current systems and with packages
> that aren't yet ported to python3.
> without wxPython 4.0 on python2, you have to stick to wxPython 3.0,
> and either bet on upwards compatibility or test on both libraries.

There really isn't much of a reason to use wxPython 4.0 though, other than 
for Python 3 support.  That's really the only major enhancement over 
wxPython 3.0.  Both wxPython 3.0 and wxPython 4.0 are python bindings for 
wxWidgets 3.0.  wxPython 4.0 just has a slightly different API in some 

> Personally I would prefer a mutual-exlusive installation or
> an update-alternatives scheme as sym-linking the wx folder did work for me.

We can't break any existing wxPython 3.0 applications though.  I suppose 
we could do an update-alternatives scheme, but wxPython 3.0 would have the 
higher priority to avoid breaking any applications.  So, it would really 
only be useful if wxPython 4.0 was the only one installed.


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