[Freewx-maint] Any plans for wxPython 4.0?

Scott Talbert swt at techie.net
Wed Feb 7 15:17:46 UTC 2018

On Wed, 7 Feb 2018, Philipp Huebner wrote:

>>> However, it seems something has gone awry importing the source for
>>> 4.0.1: it's imported and tagged in master directly instead of imported
>>> and tagged in upstream and then merged into master (the default of "gbp
>>> import-orig ../<name>.tar.gz").
>> Odd.  I'm 99% sure that's exactly what I did.  Do I have to switch to
>> the upstream branch before running that command?
>> Do you think I should try to fix this?  It would probably require
>> force-pushing to the repo.  :(
> I suggest to simply cherry-pick the upstream import from master into
> upstream and re-create the corresponding tag accordingly.

Okay, it seems the issue was simply that I forgot to push the upstream 
branch.  I think all should be good now, but please verify.

Assuming that you don't think the other issues are blockers, are you 
willing to sponsor the initial upload and/or grant DM rights?  I think you 
have to do the former first anyway, right?


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