[Freewx-maint] Start building GTK+3 packages

Scott Talbert swt at techie.net
Mon Mar 5 03:20:42 UTC 2018

On Mon, 5 Mar 2018, Olly Betts wrote:

>>> I would like to propose that we start building GTK+3 packages for
>>> wxWidgets (in addition to the GTK+2 packages).  I am willing to handle bugs
>>> for these new packages.  I have prepared a merge request on salsa with the
>>> packaging changes, if you would like to review the changes and/or discuss
>>> further.
>>> Thoughts?
> I don't want to stand in the way of progress, but please be aware that
> I really don't have any spare cycles at the moment and I'll be
> extremely unimpressed if this ends up creating work for me.


> I also think we need to be clear about what the aim is here, so we can
> properly communicate that to maintainers of dependent packages.
> Are you hoping:
> * to have both wx3.0 with GTK2 and wx3.0 with GTK3 in buster?
> * to only have wx3.0 with GTK3 in buster?
> * to have wx3.0 with GTK2 and wx3.2 with GTK3 in buster?
> * to only have wx3.2 with GTK3 in buster?
> * something else?
> And if you're intending we have two versions in buster, is one of them
> a preferred one which maintainers should use that one unless they have
> a good reason not to (e.g. "use GTK2 unless you need webview" or "use
> GTK3 unless it causes problems for your app")?

My hope would be that we could have only wx3.0 with GTK3 in buster. 
However, if we have to keep wx3.0 with GTK2 as well, I don't think that 
would be the end of the world.  Even though upstream seems to be moving 
closer to a release, I think there's too much uncertainty with wx3.2 to 
try to make any plans based on it.

So, thus I think the recommendation would be: use wx3.0 GTK3 unless it 
causes problems for your app.  And if we can get all of the users, off 
GTK2, great, then we can remove it.

> I don't currently have a salsa login set up so can't directly comment
> on the patch, but not sure why you configure GTK3 with:
>> +    --cache-file=/dev/null \

Hmm, I thought they created accounts for all DD's.  It does look like you 
have an account: https://salsa.debian.org/olly

I had to do that in order to get configure to correctly detect GTK+3. 
Otherwise, it found and used the cached version of GTK+2 from the previous 
configure run.  If you can think of a better way to deal with that 
problem, let me know.


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