[Gnuk-users] What's going on or plan (or TODO) in 2017

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Wed Aug 2 02:30:40 UTC 2017


Here is some status update.

(1) GNU/Linux emulation port

I started porting NeuG on GNU/Linux emulation.  After it will be ported,
I'll port Gnuk on GNU/Linux emulation.

(2) Docker

Anthony Romano added docker/ directory to build/check Gnuk.  He
also found and fixed bugs.

(3) New OpenPGP specification version 3.3

I discussed Achim, the OpenPGP card developer.  In the new specification
version 3.3, we have KDF DO (data object) to support computation of KDF
(Key-Derivation-Function) on host side.  I will implement this feature
in Gnuk, and scdaemon of GnuPG.

    KDF DO support:

I decide keep the OpenPGP version value of Gnuk to 2.0, but introduce
new feature from version 3.3.  That's because version 3.x introduce
incompatible change which is not needed for Gnuk.

During our test of GnuPG against Yubikey, we need to fix GnuPG for
its "factory-reset" subcommand in --card-edit.  It is confirmed by Achim
that the way of current GnuPG is wrong.  The feature of Gnuk for
"factory-reset" was written against this wrong behavior of GnuPG,
so, I fixed Gnuk side.  GnuPG will be fixed soon.

    factory-reset support:

(4) Etc.

Tim Ansell wrote me his hardware project.


The hardware looks nice.  I think that it is good if it's Cortex-M3,
and/or we can learn his technology.

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