[Gnuk-users] GNUK Remove PPS exchange from tests initialization

Szczepan Zalega | Nitrokey szczepan at nitrokey.com
Mon Aug 14 19:30:05 UTC 2017


I tried to run GNUK tests on Nitrokey Storage, but the device
has locked up just after test run. The issue lies in sending PPS block
to smartcard on tests initialization (see diff) which causes it to halt
(which in turn is standard's expected behavior for failed speed
negotiation) and awaits being reset by host. Moreover according to
documentation [1] PPS sequence might be incorrect - the bits showing
presence of optional 2nd byte in PPS0 is not set, but PPS2 is sent anyway.

Removing these out allowed to run GNUK tests on GNUK (1.2.4)/Pro/Storage
devices and pass them.

, chapter 9, page 26-27 (20-21 internal) (now not reachable)

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