[Gnuk-users] reflash without working pin?

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Fri Sep 29 17:38:05 UTC 2017

> Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant at debian.org> wrote:
>> Without a reset pin, admin pin, or user pin, how can I reflash the
>> firmware?
> When you build your Gnuk with --enable-factory-reset option, you can do
> reset by the subcommand "factory-reset" of "gpg --card-edit".

Yes, I like that option.

> Or, you can flash it by SWD debugger.  When doing some experiments (of
> trials and errors), I recommend having SWD debugger, so that you can
> recover the functionality of device.

I've managed to reset both of my FST-01 devices multiple times now with
a black magic probe v2.1. Had to poke holes in the nice shrink-tube, so
not as tamper evident anymore, but it worked!

The black magic probe is documented here:


I've tried this a few times, and seemed to work, if a bit cumbersome.

Create a file called flash.begin:

  monitor tpwr enable
  monitor swdp_scan
  attach 1

and flash.end:

  monitor option erase

Then run the following commands, with regnual.elf and gnuk.elf in the
same directory:

  arm-none-eabi-gdb \
    -ex 'target extended-remote /dev/ttyACM0' \
    -x flash.begin \
    -ex 'monitor option erase' \
    -x flash.end \

  arm-none-eabi-gdb \
    -ex 'target extended-remote /dev/ttyACM0' \
    -x flash.begin \
    -x flash.end \

This got me most of the way there:


And found this useful for identifying exactly which pins to use:


> That's because the locked state of Gnuk is irreversible (non-recoverble)
> by its design.

That's good.

After messing with SWD it makes me wonder: is it feasible to dump the
key material using an SWD debugger?

> I recommend building Gnuk with --enable-factory-reset option, only when
> needed, because it means inviting another attack vector.  Default is
> --disable-factory-reset option.

What sort of attacks are you concerned about with enabling factory reset
by default? Someone wiping the keys with access to the device, or worse
than that?
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