[gopher] Gophernicus 2.3 released

Kim Holviala kim at holviala.com
Fri Feb 3 22:00:42 UTC 2017


I just released Gophernicus 2.3. New features include:

    * large-file support (over 2.1GB) for 32-bit Linux and AIX
    * TLS/SSL support using Stunnel4 wrapper

Previous versions of Gophernicus on 32-bit platforms would skip all files over 2.1GB - menus would not show them and downloading would result in zero-length file. Fixing that was simple, just compile with -D _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 - it's supposed to be the industry-standard way of enabling LFS on Unixes... but I don't trust standards so I only enabled it for Linux (because I could test on 32-bit ARM myself). If you need LFS support on other platforms please look at gophernicus.h and enable it yourself, and if you do that and it works plz tell me and I'll enable it in the distribution as well.

Another big change is support for HAproxy proxy protocol v1 (gopher://gophernicus.org/0/doc/gopher/haproxy-protocol.txt). The protocol is autodetected so there's no configuration and the support makes it possible to build a cluster of Gophernicus servers behind a cluster of HAproxy load balancers.

Ok, once you all can concentrate again from laughing your lungs out - support for that proxy protocol also makes it easy to run Gophernicus behind Stunnel4 for gopher-over-TLS support. There's an example stunnel configuration at the end of README - just plug it in place, point the config to a proper TLS cert and off you go. I also have a test site using a valid certificate (but wrong Gophernicus config) in case anyone wants to try patching their gopher clients for TLS/SSL.

TLS testing urls using HTTP 0.9 (so FF works, Chrome doesn't):
    * https://holviala.com:7070/
    * https://holviala.com:7070/cgi-bin/whatsmyip

TLS testing urls using imaginary gophers:// protocol:
    * gophers://holviala.com:7070/
    * gophers://holviala.com:7070/cgi-bin/whatsmyip

The new version can be downloaded from:
    * gopher://gophernicus.org/1/software/gophernicus/
    * http://gophernicus.org/software/gophernicus/

- Kim

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