Defining the workgroup objectives

martin f krafft madduck at
Tue Aug 9 07:47:29 UTC 2005

also sprach Mike Bell <debian-init at> [2005.08.09.0035 +0200]:
> > There is one big difference: instead of postfix checking port 60000
> > for postgrey, let it ask postgrey whether it's "up". postgrey knows
> > best what it means for it to be up, so it should be consulted. Now,
> > if the port changes, the postfix init scripts will just continue to
> > work.
> Do you mean in the manner I described immediately below what you quoted,
> or do you have something else in mind?

Ha! Just checking you're awake and showing I was not when I replied.
Yeah, something along the lines you describe. I got home from
vacation to find 25 messages on this list and I wanted to keep
replies to a minimum while reading all... I got a little overloaded
with information.

I have been working with djb's daemontools a lot, and I *like*
daemontools. While I have yet to look at runit in greater depth, it
seems to me to be a really nice alternative, and one I might well
want to consider to become a Debian default.

There are several problems still, the least of which is
/var/service, which we might just as well move to /etc/runit, if you
ask me. I am also not too much in favour of continuous starting of
runscripts in random order until the runscript itself decides that
it's ready to go. Part of the reasons is that it burns cycles
unnecessarily. The other part is that it seems kinda hackish.

Another thing I miss is an abstraction to virtual names. Let's stick
with postgrey: postfix itself does not care whether postgrey listens
at 60000, or greylist-ng, or pregray or whatever. As long as the
service "smtp-greylist-daemon" is provided, it should start. I think
we would want to create something akin to virtual packages, or see
if we can reuse the Debian virtual package names.

Is there any way to get rid of the statically linked diet libc? E.g.
by reimplementing runit in perl, shell, or python?

I would like to see different runlevels even with runit.

There were other things on my mind, but I have to go now. Will write

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