Designing a new init: low level communication

Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Mon Aug 29 14:41:33 UTC 2005

> I think I read something like that:
> server: open a read pipe A
> client: create a bidirectional pipe B
> client: sent info of this pipe B to server (with the pipe A)
> server <-> client (via pipe B).
> I don't remember the details (on Stevens?) but IIRC there
> was a trick with unamed pipe, so it can be used concurrently
> on boot (pre write fs) time.

That is what I'd like for e.g. the monitoring, too.
But I'm not sure about what happens early during boot, lacking an rw filesystem.
I mean, for an unnamed pipe you'd need to pass a file descriptor over a FIFO!
Using (abstract) unix sockets that will work, of course - except it
might have portability issues (the abstract ones) or requires a
writeable filesystem (the regular uds).

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