Designing a new init: low level communication

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Mon Aug 29 14:43:15 UTC 2005

Erich Schubert wrote:

>>You can pretty much keep trying to open /dev/unix_socket after execution
>>of each script until it works, it'll add a TINY bit of overhead, but..
>>not much really, trying to open it 1-5-10 times wont really make much
>Won't the unix socket be hidden by udev mounting a tmpfs over /dev?
>In that case either init must do some busy spinning, too, or we need
>to have udev signal init to recreate its socket.
The way initng does this is by trying to open /dev/initng/initng until
it works, and keep stat'ing it after executing of every script to make
sure it's in the live filesystem.

A single stat after every script is a tiny tiny bit of overhead, and
even so it should never have to recreate it, as it'll fail before udev
is mounted, as it would be on a read only filesystem at that point.

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