invoke-rc.d issues (was Re: "minit" point of view)

Sven Mueller debian at
Mon Aug 29 17:18:46 UTC 2005

martin f krafft wrote on 27/08/2005 02:04:

>>>And not enough information for dependency handling - do dependant
>>>services need to be restarted, too? In many cases it's not needed,
>>THAT kind of decision is made by the initscript subsystem itself and
>>its tools (e.g. its own implementation of need/provides).

> Can it? The LSB seems to have specific fields for services that need
> to be restarted along with a particular service.

Which fields? I didn't see one. There are only fields for services which
_must_ be started/available before X is started, fields for services
which _must_ still be running when X is about to be stopped, and fields
like the two mentioned before, just with _should_ instead of _must_
(more precisely: If they are installed, they must, but if they are not
installed, that's no problem). What I miss there is a field for services
which should _not_ be started before X is available (example: spampd
should be started before postfix). The latter should be redundant in
most cases, but might not be.


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