parallel booting init in C - even larger speedup

Olivier Sessink lists at
Mon Nov 14 10:37:51 UTC 2005

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I'll need to measure to find out. :)

on my laptop, for which I tuned the order numbers of the scripts a bit,
the speedup was quite impressive. But that is only a single sample, so
much more machines with different services should be tested.

> Not sure.  I consider adding it to the pkg-sysvinit svn if the license
> is GPL (the same as sysvinit), to make the code more accessible

if that fits the needs the best, GPL is fine with me

>, but I
> am not sure if I want to use your program or the startpar code to
> start scripts in parallel. :)

what is the 'startpar' code?

> Your rc program is equivalent to the current init.d/rc script when
> CONCURRENCY=shell, but I want to find a good way to serialize the
> output from the script before recommending to use either of them.

yes, it should for example buffer the standard output, and when a
complete line is received, output that full line. Or perhaps even buffer
100% of the output..

a bigger issue might be if scripts require user input. For example fsck
might need that. So perhaps the init.d dependencies should allow a
"don't run in parallel" option too.


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