parallel boot with synchronised output

Olivier Sessink lists at
Mon Nov 14 23:12:47 UTC 2005

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> This sounds cool.  Do you handle time jumps, very
> long-running/non-terminating scripts and interactive scripts as well?

- time jumps: I can't think why that would not work, I never use the
time, I only call select() with a timeout, do you think that could be

- very long running/ non-terminating: no, and the <ctrl><c> is also not
sent to the still running program(s), this has to be improved

- interactive: not yet, but not sure yet how to do this. Random thoughts:
a) don't run them in parallel, then no pipes for stdout/stderr are
needed, so the interaction will just work
b) would it be possible to detect if a script wants interaction?

> Is it possible to get it to run the script in sequence (aka no
> parallelization) as well?  I suspect it would be nice for
> debugging. :)

not yet, but that is perhaps a good idea indeed. But when should the
program switch to sequential mode? if some environment variable is set?

b.t.w. I'm still changing the code and improving. Will send a new
version soon.


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