Speeding up the debian/etch boot, a short report

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Fri Sep 2 10:02:30 UTC 2005

[Marco d'Itri]
>> Why?  NFS mounting should work without portmap enabled on the local
>> machine, right?  nfs-common is started later with the stat and lock
>> daemons, so these do not need portmap.
> I believe they are all RPC daemons, so they need portmap.

On my test machine, nfs-common is started as rc2.d/S21nfs-common, and
there is nothing in rcS.d/ needing portmap, as far as I can see.
Mounting a remote NFS volume to not use RPC locally, as far as I know.
Are you aware of any services started in rcS.d/ using a local portmap
daemon?  I have not seen any yet, and adjusted the dependency info

>> > Indeed, hotplug does.
>> Hotplug didn't load any of these modules on the machines in question,
>> even though it does have an IDE CD-ROM and a PS/2 mouse.  Should it?
> Yes, but it only supports 2.6 kernels (and support for serio hotplug
> is not in sarge at all).

I tested with the 2.6 kernels on etch, and it did not seem to load IDE
modules there either.  I might be mistaken, as I do not know the name
of all relevant modules.

> Configure the interfaces to not be started with ifup -a, but when an
> hotplug event is received.

Right.  I'll try to investigate that the next time I have time to do
some testing. :)

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