New LSB compliance list of init-scripts and guide for maintainers (SoC 2006)

Carlos Villegas Carlos.Villegas at
Mon Jul 10 17:18:00 UTC 2006

Thanks Octavio for reminding me that we need to contact the maintainers 
again because it was not properly solved the 21/Nov/05. They just added 
some headers without adding any information but a short description.

Here are their headers:
# Required-Start:
# Required-Stop:
# Default-Start:
# Default-Stop:
# Short-Description: Script to unload and load ALSA modules
Not even Default-Start information. You can see this information as well in:

It was allegedly solved for version 1.0.10-1 and we are showing the 
status of unstable: 1.0.11-3.

A similar issue happened with alsa-utils.



Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Carlos Villegas <Carlos.Villegas at> writes:
>>Hi, a list containing the LSB-compliance to runtime dependencies of
>>init scripts is now available at
> Looks like it's not updated. I did a check in alsa package and its bug
> was already closed but the status of it's still marked as missing.
> Please do a look at it again.


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