SVN repository and welcome to our Google Summer of Code student

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Mon Jun 5 17:48:17 UTC 2006

I just got a SVN repository created for the initscripts-ng project.
It is available from


I've created some subdirectories already

     Location for branches.
     Location for tags.  Use the path within trunk as the first part
     of the path to a given tag, so for trunk/src/insserv/ version
     1.0, I would create a tag with the path tags/src/insserv/1.0/.
     The main branch and location for web pages and sources
     Location for the source of projects and programs
     Location for the web pages showing up on
     Web pages for this years Summer of Code project.

I plan to put the debian/ directory of the insserv package into
trunk/src/ soonish. :)

All of this is done in preparation to our guest of honor, Carlos
Villegas, who will spend the summer working on improving the Debian
boot system.  I warmly welcome him and hope you all will do your best
to assist him with his project.  Not much is published yet, but I
expect more documents will show up on the web any day soon.  His blog
is available from <URL:> and also on

Petter Reinholdtsen

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