SoC boot project First Deliverable

Sven Mueller debian at
Tue Jun 20 12:57:46 UTC 2006

Carlos Villegas wrote on 19/06/2006 22:01:

>> Hi, last night I put the first deliverable (D1) for revision at:

>> At least the 5 more promising for the
>> second deliverable. Comments about the order will be appreciated.

Hmm, I would try to first tackle lintian/linda checks for init scripts
to be LSB compliant (or at least to contain the dependency information
in LSB format). Rationale: This gives other Debian devs as much time as
possible to fix their init scripts.

I'm mostly indifferent about the other "hotspots". But I guess these
should be part of the first 5 you are tackling:

Set up the hardware clock in the background
Set up the network in the background
Remove depmod from the boot process

Rationale: Probably not too much work, but noticable gain in
performance. Though caution is needed with background clock and network
setup. Quite a few daemons rely on the network being set up, others
might react in funny ways _if_ the clock is changed in unexpected ways
while they are running.


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