SoC boot project weekly summary week #5/14

Carlos Villegas Carlos.Villegas at
Thu Jun 29 21:13:10 UTC 2006

Hi, the main issues treated during this fifth week of the debian boot 
project were:

+ some hotspots were tried and their bootcharts are available at the 
resources section of the webpage (1). The reduction of the different 
hotspots was not as expected and probably dependent on the hardware. The 
reduction was:
	* 3 sec. - linking /bin/sh to /bin/dash,
	* 2 sec. - hwclock in the background,
	* 2 sec. - using insserv and startpar,
	* 0 sec. - discover script removed,
	* 0 sec. - start network in the background.
	* 2 sec. - without depmod (removed from sid).

depmod was removed after the discussion started by Margarita Manterola 
in debian-devel so probably cannot be considered as a hotspot anymore. 
On the other side, to send the network to the background the current 
script needs to be modified to handle the network status. Finally, 
several problems were found in the order obtained using insserv like 
script repetion and ignoring dependency information.

+ two bugs were commited about the incorrect order of alsa-utils and 
udev according to their alleged dependencies. The bug reports are 
numbers 375388 and 375389. More bugs will be submitted from this week, 
both for the incorrect order and the lack of LSB compliance. The bug 
related to the project can be checked using usertags in (3).

+ I got in contact with the lintian maintainer to try to tackle the 
issue of the lack of LSB dependencies. He is favorable to include LSB 
compliance information in lintian.

+ A script to check LSB compliance was made and is available in (4). It 
still needs to be debugged and is written in perl as well as the lintian 
init.d check. It considers from absence of LSB information, partial, 
basic and full compliance.

+ The project timetable was adjusted for the current progress and 
according to the received feedback. The new timetable and modifications 
are availble in (5).

For this week that starts, the main issues are:

+ report bugs to the BTS,
+ implement remaining hot spots.
+ make the deliverable 2 available,
+ publish the script for checking the LSB,
+ adding an LSB compliance guide to the webpage.

Awaiting for your comments,




Carlos Villegas
Hamilton Institute
NUIM, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Tel: +353 1 708 6458
Fax: +353 1 708 6269

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