Deliverable 4: Proposed boot process is available for review (SoC2006)

Carlos Villegas Carlos.Villegas at
Fri Sep 8 17:25:32 UTC 2006

Hi, the deliverable 4 with a proposed boot process is available now on:

It contains a proposal based on:
*Dash as /bin/sh,
*Readahead mostly focused on KDE,
*Hwclock on the backgroud,
*Eliminate unused init-scripts (gdm,hotkey-setup),
*Reordering the init-scripts.

The total time decreased reached so far is of 8 seconds.

Some other hotspots like prelinking were tested and will be added to 
deliverable 3. Deliverable 6 will be a compile the most important 
aspects and include a script to reorder the scripts in case of incorrect 
runtime dependencies.

Awaiting for your comments,



Carlos Villegas
Hamilton Institute
NUIM, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Tel: +353 1 708 6458
Fax: +353 1 708 6269

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