Deliverable 4: Proposed boot process is available for review (SoC2006)

Carlos Villegas Carlos.Villegas at
Mon Sep 11 17:50:20 UTC 2006

Hi Petter,

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> But it is less risky to remove the calls to hwclock*.sh.  If I
> understood my recent discoveries correctly, the i386 kernel normally
> sets its internal clock without help, so there is no need to run
> and  So instead of putting it in the
> background, try to just add 'exit 0' after 'start)' in both scripts.
> On my system, this dropped the boot from 44 to 20 seconds.

I also got a reduction but just of 4 seconds: from 53 to 49. I just 
removed the scripts from rcS.d. Two seconds more than putting it on the 

> I also tried to put the networking script in the background, but this
> made ntpdate fail because the DNS server were unavailable.

This still makes no difference in my machine :(. Still 53 seconds.

So I'll follow your lead and change "put hwclock in the background" for 
its removal for the deliverable 4.




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