Slashdot/IBM: How To Speed Up Linux Booting

Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Mon Apr 9 23:50:52 UTC 2007

> Turning on a computer should be like turning on your television, with
> almost immediate response. :)

Kind of. Interestingly enogh, there are some TVs running Linux. :-)
(e.g. ; google for the model numbers -> bravia)

We need to do an organized approach of bringing support for
alternative inits to lenny.
I've started a Wiki page to plan this, at

In a first step, we need to get the maintainers and authors of the
different init systems to write down their requirements (e.g. 'needs a
script to check if a service is running', 'start script that doesn't
fork into the background' etc.), then we can probably prepare a guide
on how to write appropriate init scripts. Kind of like LSB does for
sysvinit scripts, but for other init systems, and preferrably in a way
that covers many init systems at the same time, to avoid duplicate

Anyway, I'm interested in your ideas, so please share them with the
list, document them in the wiki etc. - getting broad support for
alternative init systems into debian will be quite some work, so we
need to do that in a coordinated manner.

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