Slashdot/IBM: How To Speed Up Linux Booting

Miriam Ruiz little_miry at
Tue Apr 10 15:56:53 UTC 2007

--- Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT> escribió:

> On Apr 10, Erich Schubert <erich.schubert at> wrote:
> >  That's why it's non-trivial, the requirements should be documented and
> >  a mirgation document should be written. And then we need a couple of
> >  people to do a hackfest to write as many new init script as they can
> >  do in one day.
> Writing a new init script for each init system obviously does not scale.

The idea is then to make some kind of meta-script which would be then
converted to all the rest of the systems, such as the way menu entries are
handled? Will it be possible to design one for all?


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