Init scripts for upstart

Marcus Better marcus at
Wed Jul 11 10:31:16 UTC 2007


I have hacked up some init scripts for upstart that I use on my laptop for a 
few months now. They work quite nicely. They take care of the boot process 
from start until local file systems are mounted (including cryptsetup and 
LVM), and then plug into the compat-sysv scripts for the rest. Some scripts 
now run in parallel.

With some cleanup they could be used to create a replacement for the sysv init 
scripts in Debian, but I haven't actually packaged them yet. In addition to 
upstart versions of the scripts from the initscripts package, there are 
scripts for some daemons like udev.

This is nowhere near complete, and probably not immediately useful for others 
in the current state, but I thought I'd just put them somewhere if someone 
wants to build on them:

The tarball contains basically a snapshot of my /etc/event.d directory, and it 
contains the bits from upstart-compat-sysv (some modified), and some cruft as 
well... Oh, and if you use them you must manually remove the obsoleted 
scripts from /etc/rcS.d. YMMV...

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