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Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Wed Jun 13 09:52:28 UTC 2007

> Please don't. "reload" is an important feature for systems in production
> (stop+start just doesn't do it), and allowing shell one-liners to do the

I'd prefer some consistent syntax for start/stop/restart/reload and *hook.
So I'd propose to require the 'exec' (I'm not convinced of that key
name) and similar lines to start with a keyword like "exec",
"respawn", "signal".

Default for "stop" would be "signal term,kill" (signal term, wait, signal kill)
Default for "reload" would be "signal hup"

Additional constructs such as "script" (think upstart) could be added in v 0.0.2

The two key target init systems are sysv and upstart, obviously. Since
the runit maintainer+upstream is very active, I'd make that a primary
target as well.

P.S. if using exec/respawn keywords in the start/run/exec line, adding
a separate respawn flag is of course obsolete.

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