metainit ready for extended testing

Sven Mueller debian at
Wed Jun 20 14:23:07 UTC 2007

Joachim Breitner wrote on 20/06/2007 00:58:

>> A description of the metainit file format (as perldoc):

If we want to be able to generate LSB compliant sysv init scripts, the
fields known to metainit should probably include "Provides" as well.
After all, some daemons don't only provide their own name there, but
also $named, $portmap or $syslog. Or some other daemon's name (such as
openbsd-inetd providing inetd).

Default-Start/Default-Stop would be interesting to other distributions
which actually use the run levels as defined by LSB (runlevel 1 - single
user - is used in Debian, and _perhaps_ but not necessarily we would
like to enable daemons to even run in single user mode).


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