init script generators ( was: Re: proper handling of communication channels in debian)

Felipe Sateler fsateler at
Wed May 2 17:54:29 UTC 2007

Sven Mueller wrote:

> So for the start
> operation, I would expect these options:
>    1. simple daemon, uses a default config with a hardcoded path and
>       needs no options or only static options passed:
>       [SIMPLE]
>    2. a bit more complicated, needs a few variables from
>       /etc/default/daemon:
>       [TEMPLATED]

templated and simple seem essentially the same. Is it necessary a

> Finally, even with all that information available inside a Debian
> package, this would still leave one question unanswered: Who triggers
> init script generation? 

dpkg-trigger (although not available yet) should fit this task.


  Felipe Sateler

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