insserv does not update symlink on changes to Default-Start / Default-Stop

Michael Biebl biebl at
Thu Apr 17 01:42:13 UTC 2008


I noticed a rather inconsistent behaviour of insserv.

1.) Removing runlevels from Default-Start or Default-Stop, doesn't make
insserv remove the symlinks from those run levels.
One has to run insserv -r $service && insserv $service
This is rather cumbersome, because if you change the header file, you'd 
have to run insserv -r manually.

I said inconsistent, because adding runlevels to Default-Start or 
Default-Stop will cause insserv to add new symlinks.

2.) I think there is a similar inconsistency with Required-Start.
Adding new dependencies will cause insserv to update the start priority, 
but there are cases, if I remove a dependency, the service is not 
reordered (and started earlier, as early as possible).

Example: powersaved
# Required-Start:    $remote_fs hal dbus
# Required-Stop:     $remote_fs hal dbus

Removing hal, dbus from Required-Start
# Required-Start:    $remote_fs
# Required-Stop:     $remote_fs hal dbus
  and running insserv, will not make powersaved start earlier.
I would have expected powersaved to be started earlier but shutdown 
being unchanged.

Removing hal, dbus also from Required-Stop
# Required-Start:    $remote_fs
# Required-Stop:     $remote_fs
will finally make insserv reorder the service, i.e. powersaved will 
start earlier and shutdown later.

Imho these two issues should be addressed.


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