What's the insserv way of disabling services

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Fri Apr 18 23:40:59 UTC 2008

Petter Reinholdtsen schrieb:
> [Michael Biebl]
>> I was wondering, how to correctly disable a service with insserv.
> I believe the correct way is to rename the S?? to K?? to document that
> the service is disabled.

It's still a bit clumsy though and hard to handle. If we can do it
better, we should try to do so.

>> Renaming S?? to K?? on the other hand doesn't seem to make sense
>> with insserv, as the priorities are not fixed and maybe confuse
>> insserv when it calculates the stop priorities.
> I do not believe it confuses insserv.

Which priority do you choose for K??? The current value of S??
e.g. S20 -> K20. Imho this doesn't make sense, as insserv would reorder
it. Could you post the commands (including arguments) how to disable a
service correctly?

>> Imho insserv should have a option to disable a service completely.
>> An idea would be to store this information in a state file
>> /etc/init.d/.depend.disabled.
> Duplicating the information seem like a bad idea to me.

You know, because the S?? -> K?? handling is so clumsy, a lot of sysv
init scripts started to provide ENABLE= config variables via
/etc/default/$service, which is an even worse alternative and makes
everything very inconsistent.

Having a clearly specified, well documented, easy way of disabling a
service with insserv, looks like a better approach to me.

>> insserv -D --disable would disable the service and add it to the
>> state file insserv -e --enable would enable the service and remove
>> it from the state file.
> Such feature should be specified in the update-rc.d API, and
> implemented all over.  Doing it only for insserv is not a good way for
> Debian, as we need to have a common way for all boot systems.

That is sysvinit only, really (I don't count file-rc as a boot system).

Other systems, like runit, initng, upstart (in non sysv-compat mode),
don't use the S?? -> K?? mechanisms for disabling jobs anyway, so I
think this argument is moot.

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