startpar support for upstart

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Sun Oct 16 00:16:01 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

Pursuant to bug #591791 against Debian Policy about permitting alternate
init systems in Debian, I've prepared a patch against sysvinit which would
make startpar aware that a given job is implemented as an upstart job
instead of a SysV init script and that startpar should defer to upstart to
satisfy the dependency.

This enables insserv/startpar-based dependency boot to be used for sysvinit
in conjunction with upstart as /sbin/init and native upstart jobs as
dependencies, and is the first step towards having upstart be genuinely
usable on Debian.  It also rolls back the previous /lib/init/upstart-job
approach, which never worked right with startpar due to the inability to
express dependency information.  As a result, packages shipping upstart jobs
should now ship real init scripts in parallel (per the policy bug
discussion), which means some changes to debhelper are wanted before this
goes into effect.

It does *not* allow bidirectional dependencies between upstart jobs and init
scripts.  It's assumed that a system that runs upstart will be converted
from the bottom up - starting with rcS.d, which more or less needs to be
converted as a block anyway.

I've tested this patch to be regression-free on sysvinit as well as working
with upstart, and verified that the package still builds on non-Linux Debian
ports after applying (upstart doesn't run there anyway, so it's a simple
#ifdef :P).  I've also taken care to avoid adding any new runtime library
dependencies here; it would have been nice to use libdbus for talking to
upstart, but I guess some might resist such a change. :-)

Would any of the Debian sysvinit maintainers care to comment on this patch?
I can't help but notice the 12 consecutive NMUs to the package.  I don't
mind making this number 13, but would appreciate feedback if there's any to
be had.

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