[kgb-maintainers] Bug#688994: CIA going down: KGB wants your commits!

gregor herrmann gregoa at debian.org
Fri Sep 28 01:01:46 UTC 2012

On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 20:48:23 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:

> > For KGB the concept of a repository is a bit fuzzy. It is just the
> > unit it uses to separate access control (password), channels to
> > broadcast to, and a word in the commit notification. But you can use
> > one of these for hundreds of repos, like pkg-perl does: all the git
> > repos (one per package) use the same client config, and just add a
> > module parameter derived from the path.
> > Would that be enough for you?
> If the module parameter is displayed on IRC, then yes.
> I must be missing how to do that for git, as I just filed a bug about it. :/

That works fine for pkg-perl.

1) Client side (i.e. vasks):

1a) /home/groups/pkg-perl/meta/pkg-perl-post-receive


if [ -e $BASE/KGB-notifications-disabled ]; then
    echo "KGB notifications disabled"
    cat hooks/reflog | \
    PERL5LIB=$KGB/lib $KGB/script/kgb-client --conf $CONF \
            --repository git --git-reflog - --module $PKG

1b) /home/groups/pkg-perl/kgb-client.conf

repo-id: 'pkg-perl'
# first capture is branch name, second capture is module name
 - "/(trunk|tags|apps|attic)/([^/]+)"
 - "/branches/([^/]+)/([^/]+)"
 - "/()(scripts)/"
ignore-branch: trunk
timeout: 7
password: 12345
# dam, KGB-0
 - uri: http://dam.homelinux.net:9418/
# gregoa, KGB-2
 - uri: http://colleen.colgarra.priv.at:8080/
# Tincho, KGB-1
 - uri: http://abhean.mine.nu:9418/
status-dir: /home/groups/pkg-perl/kgb-client-status

2) Server side:

  # just a name to identify it   
    # needs to be the same on the client
    password: 12345
  - name: '#debian-perl'
    network: oftc
      - pkg-perl

And in #debian-perl this looks like:

20:12 <KGB-0> joostvb upstream b19ebac eekboek debian/ TODO changelog * update TODO-list

(last commit in one of our repos, in this case eekboek)

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