[Letsencrypt-devel] Preparation for NEW

Harlan Lieberman-Berg hlieberman at setec.io
Sat Oct 31 16:16:52 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

At this point, the python-acme [1] and python-letsencrypt packages are
looking like they're on their way for ready for NEW.  I'm not
particularly happy with the way I got manpages to generate, but at this
point I've sunk enough time into unsuccessfully trying to come up with a
more elegant solution that I'm willing to accept the duct tape for now.

python-letsencrypt is full lintian clean, and python-acme only has an
unfixable pedantic warning about not shipping an upstream changelog
(which they don't have).

The python-letsencrypt-apache package isn't quite there yet; should have
that done by Monday, assuming I can find the time to hack on it this
weekend.  That being said, I don't see any reason to delay submitting
python-acme and python-letsencrypt to NEW.

What do you all think?

[1]: Technically, python-acme should also ship python3-acme, but I'm
currently waiting on #803525 to get through NEW before we can get
there.  The maintainer jumped right on it, though, so hopefully it won't
be too long.

Harlan Lieberman-Berg

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