[Ltrace-devel] [RFC] mips(o32)/arm(gnueabi)/x86_64 fixes

Arnaud Patard apatard at mandriva.com
Fri Jan 8 13:39:59 UTC 2010

[ sorry if there are multiple messages. I've got some troubles with git send-email ]


I've made a series of patches to get ltrace working on mips o32 and while
I was at it, I've fixed test suite failures for arm gnueabi and x84_64.
With theses patches, all theses three arches are passing all the tests.
[ of course, passing the testsuite doesn't mean that there's no bug ].

Notes :

- patch 18 is creating a link "mips" pointing to the mipsel directory as
  now, the buildsystem is using "uname -m" and it's giving mips on mips and
  mipsel. Maybe renaming the directory would be better.
- patch 12 adds back config.guess as it's needed to make testsuite working.
  I've not look at it deeply so, maybe a "better" fix exists


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