[Openstack-devel] Bug#680642: nova-compute: purging removes files from another package

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sat Jul 7 15:14:37 UTC 2012

Package: nova-compute
Version: 2012.1.1-2
Severity: serious
User: debian-qa at lists.debian.org
Usertags: piuparts


during a test with piuparts I noticed your package removed files from
another package.

The postrm contains

if [ "$1" = "purge" ] ; then
    rm -f /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log*
    rm -fr /var/lib/nova/instances

which deletes /var/lib/nova/instances/ that is owned by nova-common.

Since nova-compute may create files there, too, it should ship an empty
var/lib/nova/instances/ directory so that this gets cleaned up by dpkg
regardles of the purge order.

>From the attached log (scroll to the bottom...):

1m35.2s ERROR: FAIL: After purging files have disappeared:
  /var/lib/nova/instances/	 owned by: nova-common


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