[Openstack-devel] Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu packages diff for python-keystoneclient

Loic Dachary loic at enovance.com
Tue Jul 17 17:49:48 UTC 2012


Here is a detailed analysis of the differences between the Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu package for python-keystoneclient, based on the attached file. I'm cc'ing Chuck as he may be willing to comment.

This time the diff between quetzal and pangolin is minor. The
only difference is in the watch file. Due to this the diff analysis
is made between quetzal and latest git.

The overall summary is that there are some dependency and build dependency changes and that Debian provides one patch. There are some minor things that should be considered for Debian below.

Detailed summary:

 - Build dependency difference.
    ubuntu list python-nose twice (debian only once)
    debian build dep on python-argparse, ubuntu is missing this one.
 - Different standards version (minor).
 - Dependency difference.
   ubuntu: python-httplib2
   debian: python-pkg-resources
 - Debian has some more description text than ubuntu

 - Different source text. Debian should remove the < and > characters.
 - Different copyright holders and years.
 - The ubuntu package tell that the license is apache and but provides
   the GPL text. 
 - The debian/* files are GPL licensed in ubuntu and apache licensed
   in Debian.

 - Different run_test(s).sh command. Ubuntu run run_test.sh while
   debian run run_tests.sh.

 - Debian provide a prettytable patch. Ubuntu does not.

 - Ubuntu provides this file, debian does not.

 - Different watch locations.


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