[Openstack-devel] Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu packages diff for quantum

Loic Dachary loic at enovance.com
Tue Jul 17 18:39:26 UTC 2012


Here is a detailed analysis of the differences between the Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu package for quantum, based on the attached file. I'm cc'ing Chuck as he may be willing to comment.

The diff is between ubuntu pangolin version
to the latest debian version.

Difference against Quetzal is also mentioned below:

Ubuntu and debian version of quantum package differ quite
significantly. Due to this the summary below is on a higher level
than the previous diff descriptions.

High level summary:
 - .py files have different locations
 - Different dependencies
 - Differences in .init and .upstart files

Detailed summary below:


Ubuntu provides quantum-common while this package is provided
by the package python-quantumclient instead.

Debian provides a quantum-plugin-sample package. Ubuntu does not.

Ubuntu provides quantum-plugin while debian does not. 

Debian provides quantum-plugin-linuxbridge. This only exist in

Ubuntu Quetzal provides a debian/quantum_sudoers file that is installed
in /etc/sudoers.d/quantum_sudoers.

 unbuntu 8
 debian 7

 - ubuntu has build dep on python-all-dev, python-coverage,
   and pep8 which debian is missing.
   Consider to add all or a few of them in the debian version.
 - In Quetzal (ubuntu) python-setuptools-git is added to
 - ubuntu has: XS-Python-Version: >= 2.6
   debian has: X-Python-Version: >= 2.6
 - ubuntu states compliance to 3.9.2 while debian is on a later
 - The package descriptions differ. The debian version looks good but
   this can be debated.
 - The binary packages in debian depends on python-quantum while they
   do not in ubuntu.
 - The plugin packages contain the .py files in debian. In ubuntu all
   .py files are in the python-quantum package instead. This includes
   a replaces line that ubuntu does not have. It also includes a few
   dependency changes between plugin packages that will not be mentioned
 - quantum-server dependency differs:
   ubuntu: adduser
   debian: lsb-base, quantum-plugin-openvswitch | quantum-plugin,
 - quantum-plugin-linuxbridge: Debian depend on bridge-utils, ubuntu
   does not. Ubuntu should change.

 - Source location differs.
 - Copuright holders differ, most likely due to a change in debian
   version 2012.1~e2-3.

debian/*.8 and debian/*.manpages
 - Debian provides a number of man page stubs. Ubuntu does not.

 - Debian provides the following that ubuntu does not:

debian/*.docs *.install
 Quite a lot of differences. The overall summary is that .py files
 are located in plugin packages in debian, while ubuntu does not.
 This is a recent change in debian version. Some other minor things
 as well.

 - Debian provides this, ubuntu does not.

 - Ubuntu provides this, debian does not.

 - Ubuntu create a quantum user and a quantum group. However it
   should probably create the group first.
 - Ubuntu changes the directory privileges to the quantum user
   for /var/log/quantum and /etc/quantum.
 - Ubuntu change dir permission for /var/log/quantum. 

 - Ubuntu provide this file. Debian should do the same.

 - Changes to install the .init files that debian does not have.
 - Fix in clean rule (last upload in debian) for clean rule in debian.

 - Different locations. Ubuntu has one source, debian has two.


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