[Openstack-devel] There are three ways to solve this bug #673805

Ola Lundqvist ola at inguza.com
Mon Jun 18 05:58:27 UTC 2012

Version: 2012.1-5

Hi openstack developers

I would like to check with you which way you prefer of three
different options regarding bug #673805.

This bug is actually solved by the last update so one easy way
is just to close it, which I will do now.

However I have a question about the packaging.

There are a number of plugin packages such as quantum-plugin-cisco
but those packages does not contain the contents of

Are there any specific reasons for that?

Instead of all these conficts and replaces we could make sure
that the files are in the correct package. Or shouldn't they?

I mean the sample package is at this point quite useless.

// Ola

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