[Openstack-devel] New developer

Roland Mas lolando at debian.org
Tue Oct 9 08:09:20 UTC 2012

  Hi all,

As mentioned on IRC, I've been contracted by Enovance to work on the
Folsom packaging.  My mission statement is to reach a state where the
HOWTO and the packages (built from the experimental branches) match and
lead to a working environment with KVM and nova-network.  You may hear
from me a bit more in the coming weeks :-)

  In the meantime, I "forked" the Howto into
https://wiki.debian.org/OpenStackHowto/Folsom and I outlined the plan
there.  I suggest we use this page as a repository for tracking the work
in progress.  I've been granted membership in the Alioth project, so I
will probably commit fixes -- I'll stick to the experimental branches
for now.

  I hope you won't have too many complaints about my work :-)

Roland Mas

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