[Openstack-devel] Bug#703638: ITP: cloudfuse -- FUSE filesystem for Swift object storage.

gustavo panizzo <gfa> gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Fri Mar 22 21:03:24 UTC 2013

On 03/22/2013 04:15 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi,

> I have added you as a member of the project. Our packaging guidelines
> are over here:
> http://openstack.alioth.debian.org/
should i add any hook to notify updates?

> Please upload your Git repository in /git/openstack on Alioth.

>> package has 1 lintian warning overridden:
>> possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl (program is licensed under the MIT
>> license)
> Why do you need such override? Is it a false positive?

>> i'm working on the other warnings
> Please ping me when you think you are done.
package is in good shape now, ready to be uploaded IMHO

>> package can be found at
>> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/cloudfuse/cloudfuse_20130124~git809b07e-1.dsc
> Maybe it's better if I have a look using Git, so that I can commit some
> fixes directly, no?

> Cheers,
> Thomas

have a nice weekend!

1AE0 322E B8F7 4717 BDEA  BF1D 44BB 1BA7 9F6C 6333

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