[PKG-Openstack-devel] Plans on updating python-migrate package

Andrii Senkovych jolly_roger at itblog.org.ua
Sun Jun 15 12:48:56 UTC 2014

Dear OpenStack Maintainers,

I'm a maintainer of the buildbot package. I'd like to thank you for
your hard work and Thomas Goirand for NMU to buildbot some time ago.

Buildbot upstream developers have released 0.8.9rc1. I have tried to
build an updated package but found that tests are failing due to the
problems with python-migrate. OTOH, there are fixes upstream that make
it pass tests with python-migrate v.0.9.1.

What are your plans on packaging python-migrate 0.9.1 version?

Please reply directly as I'm not on the mailing list. Thank you.

Best regards, Andriy Senkovych

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