[PKG-Openstack-devel] Bug#930134: Please package new upstream version

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Mon Jun 10 20:59:10 BST 2019

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Goirand:
>> do you have plans to update the python-falcon packages to a newer
>> upstream version (2.0.0 being the most recent one at the moment)
>> anytime soon?
>> python3-falcon is a dependency for mailman3 and starting with mailman3
>> version 3.2.2, falcon > 1.0.0 is required. So I'll have to wait for the
>> python-falcon update before being able to update mailman3 to latest
>> upstream release.
> OpenStack Train (ie: the next version, due for early September) also
> needs version 2.0.0, so I will package that. However, I don't see any
> urgency during the Buster freeze.

Sounds reasonable to me. I agree that we're not in a rush and can easily
wait until after the Buster release.

> Also, the current OpenStack version
> needs 1.4.1, so uploading 2.0.0 to Experimental would break it.

Mh, but the version in Debian is 1.0.0, so that doesn't work for current
OpenStack version either, right? Mailman3 would be fine with any version
newer than 1.0.0, so 1.4.1 would be sufficient.


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