[Pcsclite-cvs-commit] r6402 - /trunk/PCSC/src/pcscdaemon.c

rousseau at users.alioth.debian.org rousseau at users.alioth.debian.org
Sun Aug 5 07:57:53 UTC 2012

Author: rousseau
Date: Sun Aug  5 07:57:53 2012
New Revision: 6402

URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pcsclite/?sc=1&rev=6402
Exit if no hotplug (USB) drivers are found _and_ serial drivers are not
in use

If only a serial driver is used and not drivers are present in
PCSCLITE_HP_DROPDIR then pcscd exited after logging:
hotplug_libudev.c:96:HPReadBundleValues() Cannot open PC/SC drivers
directory: /usr/lib64/readers/usb

pcscd will now exit only if USE_SERIAL is not defined.

Thanks to Oliver Schinagl for the bug report.


Modified: trunk/PCSC/src/pcscdaemon.c
URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pcsclite/trunk/PCSC/src/pcscdaemon.c?rev=6402&op=diff
--- trunk/PCSC/src/pcscdaemon.c (original)
+++ trunk/PCSC/src/pcscdaemon.c Sun Aug  5 07:57:53 2012
@@ -588,8 +588,10 @@
 	 * Set up the search for USB/PCMCIA devices
 	rv = HPSearchHotPluggables();
+#ifndef USE_SERIAL
 	if (rv)
 	rv = HPRegisterForHotplugEvents();
 	if (rv)

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