[Pcsclite-muscle] Possibility to disable Reader Interface?

Steffen Schmid elbuffo166 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:26:33 UTC 2015


we are going to deploy DEll Lattitude E7450 to our users.
The SmartCard-Reader is successfull recognised. A little bit too good for
our scenario. ;-)

Because the Broadcom Reader has more then one interface, the contactless
interface is handled an second reader. The problem is, that we are
connecting to Windows 2012 Terminal Server which then offers the "two"
readers to the user, which has to decide for one of the two readers.

If only one reader is present, the user is directly prompted for his
SmartCard PIN by the Windows Server. That ist not a big problem for
technicans, but a problem for our users.

I can't disable the contactless reader by BIOS.

Any Ideas? Is it possible to disable the second interface in pcsc source?
Compiling pcsc-lite is no problem, we are already running a self compiled

0: Broadcom Corp 5880 [Contacted ScmartCard] (0123456789ABCD) 00 00
1: Broadcom Corp 5880 [Contactless ScmartCard] (0123456789ABCD) 01 00

Steffen Schmid
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