[Pkg-ace-devel] 6.0.1

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at elpauer.org
Sun Feb 13 22:08:13 UTC 2011


I have created a tag for 6.0.0-1 and updated trunk to 6.0.1-1 (still
using source format 1.0). As I cannot upload yet (I plan to apply for
DM very soon, and later for DD), I have uploaded the source package
for 6.0.1 to mentors:


A lintian run discovered this:

X: libtao-2.0.1: shlib-calls-exit usr/lib/libTAO_IDL_FE-2.0.1.so
N:    The listed shared library calls the C library exit() or _exit()
N:    functions.
N:    In the case of an error, the library should instead return an
N:    appropriate error code to the calling program which can then determine
N:    how to handle the error, including performing any required clean-up.
N:    In most cases, removing the call should be discussed with upstream,
N:    particularly as it may produce an ABI change.
N:    Severity: wishlist, Certainty: possible
N:    This tag is marked experimental, which means that the code that
N:    generates it is not as well-tested as the rest of Lintian and might
N:    still give surprising results. Feel free to ignore experimental tags
N:    that do not seem to make sense, though of course bug reports are always
N:    welcomed.

The problem is the ACE_wrappers/TAO/TAO_IDL/fe/lex.yy.cpp file, in
particular the tao_yy_fatal_error function

Lintian also complained about this:

E: libace-ssl-6.0.1: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl
N:    This package appears to be covered by the GNU GPL but depends on the
N:    OpenSSL libssl package and does not mention a license exemption or
N:    exception for OpenSSL in its copyright file. The GPL (including version
N:    3) is incompatible with some terms of the OpenSSL license, and therefore
N:    Debian does not allow GPL-licensed code linked with OpenSSL libraries
N:    unless there is a license exception explicitly permitting this.
N:    If only the Debian packaging, or some other part of the package not
N:    linked with OpenSSL, is covered by the GNU GPL, please add a lintian
N:    override for this tag. Lintian currently has no good way of
N:    distinguishing between that case and problematic packages.
N:    Severity: serious, Certainty: wild-guess

But I'd say it's a false alarm, I cannot find any trace of
GPL-licensed code in the ACE_wrappers/ace/SSL directory or even the
ACE_wrappers/ace directory

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)

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