[Pkg-ace-devel] 6.0.1

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Mon Feb 21 09:15:24 UTC 2011


At least we should come to the point where packaging is just packaging,
no changes to ACE/TAO code itself as part of the packaging.


On 02/21/2011 12:29 AM, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 8:52 PM, Thomas Girard <thomas.g.girard at free.fr> wrote:
>> Le 20/02/2011 19:27, Johnny Willemsen a écrit :
>>>> Then would you find it acceptable to remove debian/ from distributed
>>>> tarballs?
>>> For the short term, but on the long term I would like to see all
>>> packaging support in the main distribution itself, also maintained and
>>> tested from there.
>> We've discussed that already; I don't think packaging effort will ever
>> happen in upstream's repo.
>> Rationale:
>>  A DOC group wants Debian packages:
>>   1. working out of the box for regular users. That is, users that
>>   will use Debian stable
>>   2. that can be compiled and tested with ACE+TAO trunk
>>  B Debian packagers want to have a given ACE+TAO release in Debian.
>>   Even if it's slightly outdated. The regular process to achieve this
>>   is:
>>   1. upload ACE+TAO packages to unstable distribution
>>   2. this will transition to testing distribution if packages are fine
>>   3. and they will be embedded in the next stable release when the
>>      stable distribution cycle completes.
>> The problem is that A. 1. *stable* is not compatible with B. 1.
>> *unstable*, and that A. 2. *trunk* is not compatible with a *given*
>> *release* in B. Debian evolves while ACE+TAO does. Not setting one out
>> of the two does not seem like a reachable goal.
>> Having DOC repo debian/ directory an svn:external to pkg-ace repo will
>> not work all the time because it could be out of synch with ACE+TAO
>> releases (as we are for now).
> I think we can find a solution here and it will benefit both Debian and DOC.
> Johnny and the DOC Group want ACE to build on Debian Stable.
> We (pkg-ace-devel) want ACE to build on Debian Unstable, and in a few
> months time, that will imply differences in packaging to add/remove
> dependencies, update minimum requirements, etc
> Maybe we can do both. I propose the following policy:
>  - Debian packaging will be maintained in pkg-ace (svn.debian.org for
> now; will be git.debian.org soon)
> - Debian developers (i. e. we) will package new versions for Debian Unstable
> - Debian Developers will maintain a "squeeze" branch in git.debian.org
> that will contain a backport of ACE to Debian Stable
> - DOC Group will take our 'squeeze' branch as an svn external (or git
> submodule; IIRC ACE is now in gitorious)
> - To make it clear: DOC Group will NOT modify what pkg-ace-devels
> have. The 'debian' directory in ACE will be an unmodified copy of what
> we have in git.debian.org
> Now, this poses a serious problem: in order to package ACE 6.0.2 for
> Debian Unstable and backport that packaging to Debian Stable, we need
> to have ACE 6.0.2 *before* it is released. Given that my time machine
> is out of order at the moment, either we are notified of the release
> date with sufficient time (at least one week) to package, or we cannot
> work with that workflow.
> Alternatively, we (pkg-ace-devel) could provide backports using
> backports.debian.org
> What do you guys think?

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