[Pkg-aide-maintainers] Bug#366776: aide doesn't gracefully handle null dnsdomainname output

Corey Wright undefined at pobox.com
Sat May 13 14:08:02 UTC 2006

experienced same problem here.  i'll pick up where craig left off (in the
email chain for bug 366776).

# dnsdomainname
# hostname
# cat /etc/hosts       deuteronomy localhost localhost.localdomain
# echo ' localhost' >/etc/hosts
# dnsdomainame
# hostname -f

aide now works.  (at least an "aide --init" is currently doing something.)

this never caused a problem before (and i remember purposely setting it
this way in the past, but now i can't remember why).

i don't know how aide would handle a configuration with no dns domain (a
small home network, a standalone workstation, etc), and maybe that
configuration is technically incorrect, but i don't believe aide shouldn't
require such to function.

undefined at pobox.com

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