[Pkg-aide-maintainers] Bug#466604: Aide floods "open_dir():Not a directory" in logs

carbonated beverage ramune at net-ronin.org
Tue Feb 19 22:02:04 UTC 2008

Package: aide
Version: 0.13.1-2

Recently, I uninstalled (dpkg --purge) and re-installed Aide.  All previous
configuration files and databases were removed.  I added the following to


Except I get a flood of these messages, still:

open_dir():Not a directory: /var/log/aide/aide.log
open_dir():Not a directory: /var/log/aide/aide.log.3.gz
<snip about 8,000 more entries>

The flood of these messages in the logs is making looking at the daily reports
rather difficult.

Aide was working before the latest Etch update, when the cron job started
giving me errors (bug 438429), hence the reinstall.

Has anything changed recently that would affect Aide?

/bin/sh is linked to bash, Etch on x86_64.

What additional information is needed to track down the cause of this?

-- DN

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