[Pkg-allegro-maintainers] Bug#361454: allegro4.2: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: unsatisfied Build-Depends

Petr Salinger Petr.Salinger at t-systems.cz
Sat Apr 8 18:09:16 UTC 2006

Package: allegro4.2
Version: 4.2.0-4


the current version of allegro4.2 has unsatisfied Build-Depends under kfreebsd-amd64 port.

Your package belong between packages which already have specific 
Build-Depends for kfreebsd-i386, the same are also needed for kfreebsd-amd64.

Please, could you support kfreebsd-amd64 similarly
as kfreebsd-i386 in Build-Depends and in debian/rules.

Usually it means excluding linux specific packages, like:
libasound2-dev [!kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64 !hurd-i386]
libselinux1-dev [!kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64 !hurd-i386]
libcap-dev [!kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64 !hurd-i386]

Thanks for your cooperation.

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